Friday, July 15, 2016

How to roll back, or undo "Accelerated Depreciation" in Oracle EBS, Fixed Assets module

EBS is a great accounting/ERP system. It works great. However sometimes you run into certain situations for which you don’t find any solutions on Google or Oracle Support website. I had a similar issue today. I wanted to accelerate depreciation for one asset (“Unplanned Depreciation”). I applied it but then I realized that I need to take it back!  I searched online but no luck.  EBS has no form where you can bring up this transaction. If you can’t see the transaction, how can you delete it? This was a headache. I checked many related, and unrelated forms in Fixed Assets module and Assets workbench but no luck! Google was also of no use, or no hints!


Then my EBS support team at work told me to just enter another “unplanned depreciation” with same amount but with opposite sign. This would negate the first one! It worked!!

Here are some screenshots that show step by step method! Hope this helps you too!!













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